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But that all changed recently when my kids told me my brows needed some help.

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Find The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Faceshape

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A soft, clear wax that shapes even the most stubborn and coarse brow hairs.

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How to Shape Eyebrows - 11 Tips for the Perfect Eyebrow Shape

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Wax your brows in front of a large mirror (not hand-held) so you can see clearly.

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Using the white pencil will make it easier to see the shape of your eyebrow when you go to wax.

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Waxing is a quick and easy way to create perfectly shaped brows.

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It may not lay the same way and may grow in thicker, leaving you with no other choice than to continue waxing them for good.

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You can have a professional tweeze (pluck) or wax your brows till they are even and to your liking.First of all, define the eyebrow shape that suits you and place the hair in proper position before the application of wax.To prepare for a wax, we recommend exfoliating the day before and limiting the use of body lotion the day of the wax.Usually after the first time you wax the tops of your brows, the hair does not grow back in the same way.

A wide variety of waxing eyebrow options are available to you, such as pencil, powder, and gel.There are many types of waxing suitable for removing unwanted hair.Strip waxing (soft wax) is accomplished by spreading a wax thinly over the skin.All hair removal includes a pre-treatment to gently exfoliate as well as a post-care treatment of soft-sense emulsion to soothe the treated area.

Practice using the wax on a small part of your body, like your arm, so you get the feel of it.

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Find eyebrow pencils, eyebrow gel, brow powders, brow enhancers and other brow makeup from top brands.Eyebrow threading is a preferred hair removal technique for a number of reasons.

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Allure Body Bar offers full Body Brazilian and Bikini waxing for men and women in Toronto.

At About Face Skin Care, the goal is to make your skin look perfect.

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If you are thinking of having threading done, please drop in and watch them do their art form.

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If you are unhappy with the shape of your eyebrows, you can go to a salon to get your eyebrows shaped.

Sally Beauty offers a variety of professional hair removal waxes and wax strips for bikini waxes, face hair, and Brazilian waxes.

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Eyebrow waxing is a beauty treatment where the eyebrow hair is removed from the root.